Declutter. Organize. Live.

Are you looking for someone to help you streamline your life? Ashley Organizes is a professional organization business based in Louisville, Kentucky.  We specialize in the organization of residential spaces through decluttering; creating new systems and a household infrastructure; and educating the client so that they can maintain the finished product.  We help bring balance to your life so that you have more time to live your life.

As a Professional Organizer ... what do you do?

By definition, a Professional Organizer is one who helps businesses and individuals design systems and processes using organizing principles and then transferring those skills to the client.

The simple version, (and I love simple), is I assess, sort, declutter, set up special systems for individuals/households and organize.  Working alongside the client, and, without judgement, I encourage and teach the process of organization and the how-to's for maintaining the area.

I organize your life.

And, when your life is organized and your household is streamlined, something wonderful happens.  There is a shift.  Clarity.  Balance.  Productivity.  And, ultimately, time.  Time to live life in a way that makes you happy.

Areas Ashley Organizes ...

  • Residential Organizing (living areas, kitchen/pantry, closets, bathrooms, children's bedrooms and playrooms, laundry rooms, basement, garage, and storage spaces).

  • Paper Management

  • Home Offices

  • Kid's Memorabilia (school papers and artwork)

  • Moves (preparing a house for sale)

  • Downsizing households

  • In just few surprisingly painless, actually pleasant days, Ashley transformed my space into a beautifully livable, maintainable environment. I cannot say enough about her professional and compassionate approach to the mess I called my home….6 months later I have been able to easily put things back into the places they belonged. It is not the easiest call to make, but for me it was the best. Ashley helped me create a pleasant and serene space and she continues to be a partner as I go forward on my uncluttered journey! Now she is working on my business space!!
    — Julie Moore, Owner/Jewelry Designer at Cale & Cole in Norton Commons
  • I loved working with Ashley. She was so kind and respectful of me and my things. It is not always an easy process to "let go" but I had a wonderful partner to walk me through the steps. She was extremely efficient with the time I had allotted to her. Everything has a label and a place, and I have managed to keep it that way thanks to Ashley! I feel like I have taken back control of my garage! It is a great feeling and I would definitely use her again.
    — Meredith Sommer, Lowe Elementary
  • After Ashley graduated Purdue she worked at my company for several years and enjoyed the reputation of being the most organized person at our company. I can attest to the fact that she not only kept her work organized but helped others including myself organize their workplace.
    — Ken Jones, Broker/Owner at Rainey, Jones & Shaw Realtors